Wood Bracelet Jewelry Boxes – A Statement of Style

A wood bracelet jewelry box is not a necessity, which is why it is more aimed at the individual as a luxury, possessions, prized jewelry and a box to treasure your precious bracelets. There are multitude of choices when it comes to wood bracelet jewelry cases. Prices vary widely on these boxes. Internet has made comparison-shopping a veritable breeze. Bracelet cases found at renowned auctions to the store bought variety are available at your fingertip with just a click of a mouse Bonnie Jennifer.

Here are some wood bracelet jewelry boxes, which offer the practicality, and the fashion needed to accommodate your bracelets in style.

1. Two-tone wood: It is made from light colored wood for the lid and the black wood for the base, this handsome jewelry box will surely display your bracelet in style. Your bracelet will sit in sea of smooth white leatherette. It comes in a two-piece cardboard packer.

2. RaGar Royal collection Maple: the wood omega case is stained in rich cherry with black ebonized edging. It is polished with 15 coats of polyurethane. The interior is lined with white leatherette.

3. RaGar Classic collection Maple: Stained black maple wood with a high gloss finish and gold piping make this bracelet case a classic good choice. The interior is lined in black faux suede and black outer gift box; this is at its sleekest.

4. Mele jewelry box cherry finish: It is an oval shape with lift with mirror. This beautiful box has a cherry finish.

5. RaGar Maple wood Bangle: It is made of maple wood with a satin finish; this bangle bracelet case has a unique bevel edge, calling attention to the beauty of the jewelry that is encased. It is lined in cream faux suede; its rich, plush feel enhances the sense of luxury. With a cream linen textured outer gift box, you have complete package of sophistication.

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