What is Tea Herb Gardening?

“Herb” is a word that every time we hear it we think of a tea. The only civilization who understands herbs more than any races around the world is of course the Chinese people. Due to its medicinal benefit, herbs are known in the medical field. However, countries in western continents believed that herbs are only alternatives or remedies to some illness and not a treatment. What most people do not know about herbs is their pharmacological contents that are used in most drugs. Tea for example is ideal due to its benefits regarding wellness. Logically, tea herb gardening is perfect for those who are into tea business or simply staying healthy get lemon kombucha.

A lot of herbs have been made into teas because they are well known for their medicinal attributes. There are also some herbs that are used for culinary purposes such as adding flavour to the dishes. Due to the fragrance of some herbs, they were made into essential oils, creams, and perfumes. Most herbs, if not all, have antioxidant properties which made them absolutely popular in the form of teas. If you are you one of those people who plans to have your own tea herb garden, then here are some of the herbs that you can possibly grow and make as a refreshing healthy drink.

Chamomile: Yes, it’s exactly the same herbal tea that you can see being sold in grocery stores. There are also a lot of uses for chamomile aside from being a detoxifying drink. Due to its expectorant properties, chamomile is also used for relieving asthma and bronchitis, and it is also the preferred drink of people who are overstressed due to the relaxation effects that it can give. Oftentimes, it is combined with other ingredients to be able to come up with an even tastier tea. The Roman and the German are two of the most common kinds of chamomile being used as teas. Instead of a seed, most gardeners prefer to buy a plant. If you are planning to grow both Roman and German kinds of chamomile, then, make sure that you put some distance between each plant.

Mint: Another type of herb that is very popular for almost everybody. You can use mint as an ingredient for food and drinks in order to enhance the flavor. There are various kinds of teas that have mint as their vital ingredient such as the Touareg tea. But it doesn’t mean that mint don’t come in the form of tea. It’s just that making a tea out of pure mint may be difficult to drink up. But if you like your tea to have a little cool taste, then you can plant mints in your herb garden and use it by adding some mint leaves in your chamomile or any other tea that you’ve made.

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